Converting YaBBGold SP1 >>YabbSE

following Dreamhost’s ominous mail about the dangers of running the YaBBGold forum, I’ve installed the YaBB-SE version which uses a database.
Since I don’t want to lose any posts from the yabb-gold, I used the converter.php-file to transfer all messages, usernames, etc to YabbSE. Here’s where I ran into trouble. The moment this converter tries to open the files inside the yabbGold folder, I get the error “fopen(yabb/file/to/dir/file) permission denied”. This happens with every single file. The support forum over at suggested I chmod every file in the YabbGold folder to 777; but even that won’t help.
Could anyone help me out in converting?

It took me a little while to do the conversion, but in the end it worked pretty well.

To start with, I used the converter from 1.1 beta; I’m not sure if the 1.3 converter is out yet (it wasn’t a week ago), but that one seemed to work fine.

Second, I got similar errors to you. First I copied the entire original yabb directory (the one containing the Members, Boards, etc. directories into the same directory as my YaBBSE installation. Then I chmoded everything in that directory 777, then ran the converter (from the same directory as the YaBBSE install). At that point, it ran pretty much without a hitch (took a couple of minutes).

I don’t know if chmoding everything in the original directory would have worked or not; I didn’t try it since I didn’t want to screw up permissions in case the import failed. For what it’s worth, I also used relative paths (./whatever) when giving the converter instructions, although I don’t know if that mattered either.

On a side note, the conversion seemed to loose some people’s birthdates, and several people apparently (though I didn’t see it myself) had to try logging in several times before it would work the first time they used the new board. I don’t know why.

Hope that helps, but if you’re still stuck I’d be happy to see if I can figure out anything else I did to make it happen.

Hi Mako,
First of all, thanks for your response.
I used the converter from 1.1.1, which works fine with yabbse 1.3 (there’s a thread about that at yabbse forums).
The tricky part was I had to move all the yabb directories inside the yabsse directory in order for the converter to have permission to read the files. I’d used all sorts of other methods prior to that, none worked.
I’ve had no loss of any data in the transfer as far as I can tell, I guess I was lucky :slight_smile: Thanks for your help!