Converting video files to Apple's HTTP Live Streaming format



We’re currently using DH to serve many large video files via Darwin/QuickTime Streaming Server. This works generally well, given QTSS’s limitations (odd ports etc). QTSS, if not officially dead, is essentially so. For iOS we feed the file directly over HTTP, since iOS doesn’t support RTSP. I’d like to introduce an option for iOS and Mac users to get the files via HTTP Live Streaming, Apple’s method of splitting H264 files into little chunks and serving over HTTP.

I would like to do the file conversion on DH’s servers, as we already do for FLV files. This would allow us to upload one “master” video file (already in QTSS format), then convert into all the formats we need.

Before I step onto the potentially angst-ridden path, I’m curious if anyone has already tried this. I have starting points - some level of support in ffmpeg, and an open-source segmenter at .



Which plan do you use? If not DreamHost Private Servers, you may be violating the unlimited policy.


We should be fine with the policy. These are town government meeting videos, which are online for the public to view (which they do). They’re super-low data rate, about 100MB/hour. Primary access is direct-link via the town web site, and we’re also listed in the iTunes podcast directory.