Converting to .fla



How do the big sites convert files over to .fla for flash video players? is there a guide on this?

What I want to know:
*How is a video file like .wma file converted to .fla (like youtube, you just upload and they convert it)
*Is there a good tutorial out there about making a flash video player?


Well, mostly, they don’t - they use the .flv file type instead. This article explains the difference between the .fla and .flv filetype:

Again, it is usually converted to .flv, and it is done with software. You can do similar here on DreamHost using the tools described at

I would think there would be (Google should help you out with that), though an excellent video player is provided, and licensed for personal and commercial use, here on DreamHost (see the above link to the DreamHost Media page). :wink:



Super is an AWESOME freeware conversion tool that can go to/from pretty much any format I have ever wanted to use, including .flv from .wmv, .avi, etc. I highly recommend it every time anyone asks me a question like yours and no, I am not affiliated with them. :wink:

Flowplayer is a nice website plugin that will play your videos for you. It’s pretty fully featured and is free unless you’re looking for an unbranded version

If you’d prefer to build your own just because you’re into that sort of thing, which I can understand, try this link

Google search