Converting Simple Mode WordPress install



On the following, please help with:

  1. I assume my 40+ blog entries will be saved in the database?
  2. Will my custom css be deleted?

"Thanks for contacting DreamHost. We have tens of thousands of WordPress installations to convert and the automated tool only allows these to be done one at a time and there isn’t a way to predict when it will get to
yours. If you don’t want to wait for the automated system to do this for
you, you can setup WordPress using the Custom Mode One Click Install so
you can setup your own themes. You can do this by uninstalling the
Simple Mode installation (which keeps the database in tact so you can use it for the Custom Mode), set the Domain to be Fully Hosted and then do a Custom Mode One Click Install using the previous database.

You can remove the Simple Mode Install by logging in here:

Click ‘Manage Installed Applications’ and then remove the WordPress install. You can will then set the domain to be Fully Hosted which can be done here:

Click Edit for the domain and on the next page you will set up the Fully Hosted section with your preferences. Once that’s done, wait 20 minutes and then do the Custom Mode Install here:

Click WordPress, choose the domain name, and then select the previously used database named ‘blog_xxxxxxx_com’

The One Click Installer will send you an email once the installation is complete.