Converting a Forwarding address to a mailbox address


I converted a forwarding only email address to a full mailbox by deleting the forwarding only, and recreating with a full mailbox, but something isn’t working right.

The account created OK, and lets me log in to manage it using mailbox manager…
But when trying to access it from the WebMail it gives me a [color=#FF0000]Connection to IMAP server failed.[/color] response.
If I try to access it via Windows Live Mail, I get this;

[quote]Server Error: 0x800CCC90
Server Response: -ERR chdir Maildir failed
Server: '
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC92
Protocol: POP3
Port: 110
Secure(SSL): No[/quote]

WLM is telling me my password isn’t right, but I know the password is correct,
I have changed it, waited, and tried again but no joy.

It’s plain not letting me in =/

Any help?
Scratch that, it appears to be working fine now…

Strange though, I didn’t change anything… but OK.


This will change DNS for, and that takes a little while to work. You should not loose mails sent to you, as they will wait and try again.