Convert WP files on hard drive to XML file?



Hey everyone -

I was developing a site for my boss on and somehow WP lost everything, including any record of the username/password combination to our account, so I can’t even access help for the site anymore.

I have a backup I did with filezilla that has all the WP files but they’re not in XML format. Is there a way to convert everything to XML so I can do a one-click install here on DreamHost and then just upload the site?

Thanks for any and all suggestions!



Most of the content of a WordPress site is stored in a MySQL database, not in the files. From what it sounds like, you might not have a backup of that database… you’ll need that to restore your site.


Thanks for your response, Andrew. I have the complete file structure and contents (all the php scripts, etc). I don’t think I’m missing anything to restore it but I could be wrong. Can you expand on your answer at all?


Hi. Have you checked the link below already?