Convert mailbox to full shell user


My dad has been complaining about receiving too much spam lately, so I would like to enable spam filtering for his account. However, I don’t want to enable DreamHost’s Junk Filter for two reasons:

  1. I don’t want to enable spam filtering for my own account (which is on the same domain).
  2. I would rather have the Junk moved to an IMAP accessible folder than a folder only accessible via SquirrelMail.

I’ve done some looking around, and it looks like my best option is to convert my dad’s email account to a full shell account (it is currently just a mailbox), and then set up procmail to send all my dad’s email through spamassassin (possible using the instructions to set up a newer version of spamassassin available here:

However, I don’t see any quick way of converting an account from a mailbox user to a full shell account. I would prefer the new user to have a regular username (not m****), so basically my question is: What is the easiest way to copy an entire mailbox user’s home directory into a new user’s home directory? I would need to have email addresses updated to point to the new account, as well as old mail copied into the new account. It seems (to me) that this would be a common request, so I’m wondering if DreamHost has a shortcut for doing it.

If there is an easier way to do what I’m trying to do (spam filtering), please let me know.

  • Ben