Convert existing VPS to SSD VPS

So…new customers can get “All new VPS servers with SSDs, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and 1GB of RAM” for only $15/month.

That’s a deal I’m interested in. (A gig of ram for $15!) How can I convert my existing VPS’s over to an SSD VPS? Do I have to create a new VPS, transfer over my existing domains, and then delete my old VPS’s?

Also, are the number of SSD VPS’s limited?

I actually asked about this last week, and the live chat reply was:

So there’s a “waiting” list for existing VPS (normal) users. Personally, I have the feeling the “existing” customers are being left out. Why should there be a waiting list for existing VPS users? Just to gain new users?

So in the DreamHost newsletter that I received today, there’s this bit:

Of course, you only get 30GB of storage space with that deal, which may be an issue for some. I’m using less than 4GB right now, so I’ll try it out. I use WordPress as a cdn, so I doubt that by the time I bump against that border, I’ll need more RAM anyway.

Still find it strange you get more RAM for a lower price than the normal VPS option.

The new hardware platform we’re using for our SSD-based VPSes supports a lot more memory than our older hardware did. The servers we’re currently deploying have 128 GB of RAM, about four times as much as the older VPS host servers.

You should just be able to create a new VPS under a new user, and migrate your existing sites from the old to the new VPS, then shut down the old VPS.

Unfortunately, I tried this, and the files were not properly migrated. In fact, none of them copied to the new VPS. I have a ticket in, so hopefully it will be easy to resolve. I haven’t had issues with migration between VPSs in the past.

I just created a new VPS, and then transferred all my domains over to it. Since it’s a new VPS, you need to create a new VPS user. All in all, a fairly simple and seamless process.

So existing customers on the “old” VPS hardware are being left out?

Not at all. Existing customers can create a new SSD-based VPS at any time and move domains from their old VPS to the new one.

It’s easy, but it may take more than 15-30 minutes for the transfer to be complete. Do it just before you go to bed.