Convenience Addresses


I am setting up a mailman discussion list on called nnnnn

according to DH wiki, if I opt to create Convenience Addresses’s for the list, then I can use

But that’s not true – because uses gmail servers not DH servers

maybe that should be mentioned in the 1-click install???


I assume you are talking about his wiki page:

That page is written for those using dreamhost email for there domain, although that is not stated (it probably should be).

I wonder if the mailman discussion lists setup in the dreamhost panel even works when your email is hosted with google? I don’t know. It would certainly seem like there would be some actions that would need to be performed on the google side.




I didn’t update it because I suspect that there is much more to it than the convenience address mentioned here. Have you used mailman on a domain that has google mail? does it work at all?


The primary addresses for Mailman mailing lists are set up under a separate subdomain, typically “lists” (e.g, This subdomain uses a separate MX from the primary domain, and won’t be affected by hosting mail for the domain outside DreamHost.


Thanks. My error (even tho I know it’s not the case) was thinking sub-domains didn’t have a separate mx record. brain fart.