Conuery limits, etc


I’m wondering just how easy it is to reach the conuery limit. I plan to run a Postnuke site and I’m not sure how efficient the connections:queries ratio is for Nuke-based sites. Anybody know?

I also anticipate a fair number of queries by users doing word lookups (the site is for crossword constructors and my puzzle data DB will allow them to put in a word and see how it has been clued, when, and by whom, in previous puzzles)

I currently get about 500 unique visits per day on my current site but once I introduce the word query feature it’ll increase quite a bit, I suspect.

I guess I’m just a bit nervous about exploding over the limit and being liable for big bucks. Any suggestions from DreamHost as to how I can test my site usage before committing to a move?


I’m a bit curious about this too. I’m seriously considering converting my Wild Ideas site over to Postnuke, but it would be nice to have some idea of how many conueries it will eat up. I’m not too worries, because DH are usually pretty generous with their limits on most things, but it would be nice to know anyway.