On the control panel, it is stated “Try to keep your conueries low for the best database performance!”

How much is low? How much is high?

Martin Lam

The measuring of conuery usage is not so much an issue any more. Back in March of 2002, DH stated that their plans came with between 5million and 20 million conueries per month, and that “98% of our users don’t come close to even 5M conueries a month! The last 2% of customers use over 80% of our database resources, and they’re the only ones who may end up paying anything extra for their usage.”

More recently, DH abandoned the “hard” limits on conuerues, and simply encourage you to program efficiently - users of an inordinate amount of conueries will be asked to optimized their database usage, or take other steps to relieve the load on the servers.


Really the “limit” is burying the db server. Just use good code, properly indexed tables and you should be ok.

The whole idea behind shared services is that it only works when we all “play nice”.

The reason why conuries doesn’t make much sense is that a properly configured site can use many and not have any trouble but then the next guy comes along with unindexed tables and his queries take 20 seconds to complete taking the DB down. This is why reports of slow performance need to be reported to DH support for investigation.

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5 million-20 million conqueries :@ . Wwwooooaaaawwww… Thats great. I saw on “IX Web Hosting” that the concurrent connection limit to database is just 50,that means one can have only 50 connections at a time. If anyone anyhow reach the limit he’ll be kicked off. Thats really bad. The reason mainly i like and decided to get my hosting on DreamHost is their fairly behaviour. We can have many things unlimited,where other providers get a limit and charge very high for getting more that the limit. Really DreamHost is great. I really like it :smiley:

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