Controlling access to mediawiki?

Hi all,

I’m trying to decide whether to use mediawiki or TWiki on my dreamhost account. I want to be able to restrict access to the wiki because It’s only for my company’s use, so it should not be accessible to the public.

can anyone explain how to do this? I’ve googled for restricting access to mediawiki, but without much luck.

I’d also like to add a subdomain to point to the wiki, if was my domain name, I want to access it using


The easiest way I can think of goes like this:

  1. From your web panel selct “Add a Domain” and add the domain “

  2. Wait for the domain to propagate (should display an empty directory in a browser when propagated).

  3. From your Web panel, select goodies-> One-Click installs

4)Select MediaWiki, and follow the instructions. DH will install a basic MediaWiki system in the directory you select (use the domain you set up in step 1)

  1. wait for the database to be created and browse to your new, as of yet unprotected site and make sure your wiki works.

6)From your web panel, select .htaccess/webdav and follow the prompts to password protect your directory.

  1. distribute the user name/password you established in step 6 to your “authorized” users.

<poof!> you are good to go. Good Luck!