Control Panel



Did anybody already implement some type of control panel for working in the dreamhost?



You mean like the one at ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Or did you mean something different?


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what is your question?

DH already has a control panel.

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I would like of other control panel, with my logo, my language, etc


I understand your question now. You would like to ‘rebrand’ the DreamHost panel, possibly for re-selling purposes?

While DreamHost does allow you to re-sell your hosting as you see fit, unfortunately they offer no facility to ‘re-brand’ the admin panel. While it might be technically possible to write your own admin panel, interfacing with the DreamHost panel as required, this would be an enormous undertaking.


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I have read numerous threads of users wanting to know how to access the control panel in one way or another. Maybe someone should add a request for DH to add features to the control panel that would allow such access, or atleast easier to access.
Just a thought,

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I agree, some kind of API exposing the functionality of the panel would be great and I am sure many people would find it useful. It wouldn’t need to expose all the functionality of the panel, just the areas that people have expressed interest in, such as the automated creation of mailboxes/email addresses, users and sub-domains etc. Of-course, security would be a concern, but I am sure the bright folks at DreamHost are up to that challenge. Given the recent overhaul of the panel, now would seem to be the perfect time to implement something along these lines.

It is possible that this suggestion already exists in the DreamHost suggestion system, I haven’t had a good look yet to see if this is the case. There are so many outstanding suggestions now that it is sometimes difficult to see exactly what is already in there, I think it needs a good clean-out. :wink:


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I agree, I wondered how many have been approved or disapproved and still listed there. I am glad they desided to allow more votes per user per month, I hate removing a vote espeically when I don’t know if the vote was veiwed. I think each month the votes should get tallied and removed.
Anyways, a little off topic there. lol.
I also agree about security being an issue with the control panel. Perhaps the end user would need to pass their webid and password along with the code to access the control panel, and have away to disable that access should it be abused.
Just a thought, what if they created a watered down version of the panel that could be placed in the 1-click install section. Then each user could have their own panel that has limited access and could be customized. This panel could have an encrypted version of the webid and password in it.
Just some more thoughts, lol.

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Now that is something I hadn’t even considered, what a great idea. This would satisfy a lot of the re-sellers out there, assuming they could change a few images etc. to ‘re-brand’ it.


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Sweet idea - suggest it and we’ll all vote for it.

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