Control panel

I have not been able to view the control panel at all. I enter my proper log on/name pass and the screen never loads.
Been two days, now…

What Browser are you using. Lot’s of discussion, and fixes, are in the forum (here is just one relevant thread)


tried both ie and ff on winME desktop and winXP pro laptop

That’s a bummer. If it is doing the same thing in each browser, it obviously isn’t just the browser. I’d suggest clearing all Dreamhost cookiesm as well as the browser cache. That has worked for me in the past when I couldn’t get in and I knew the panel was up (which it is now, I went and checked and just refreshed before sending this.)

Sometimes the cookies get broken with changes …and I know Dreamhost just changed the ssh key on my server. I couldn’t hurt to try.


got it working on my laptop after a few more tries