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The only thing that is holding me back from joining right now is the control panel. I have a lot of clients and most like to log in themselves and check stats…

Can someone please verify for me if this is possible with DreamHost? Can I have a unique log in for each customer so they can view their own web stats?



DH logs the stats of each domain name by default at and this is password protected. You can add different users so that only certain people can access them. You can also install your own stats script.

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I’ve been trying to figure out how I can set up a second control panel account for one domain that someone else under me needs to manage. Does anyone have a guide to setting up users for specific domains so they get their own control panel but all under one hosting account?

I’ll check the other forums.

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it’s really easy. Panel > Billing > Account Privelages > Grant privelages to a new web id.



Thanks for that Matttail, just signed up with DH and was looking around for this.


Thanks Mattail - The way webid’s, domain, directories, users (ftp and shell) all work together is very confusing but this helped.

I had someone create their free webid via the login link on this page and then I gave that webid privileges from my account as you described, where they could then manage just 1 domain.

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