Control panel?

DreamHost’s plans using which kind of control panel ?
Cpanel ?

DH control panel is custom made, built from teh groud up by DH for DH. It’s a bit different from the feel of Cpanel - but woks so much better. Check it out on:


ok, thank you for replying all my posts out here
and also…sorry for posting these…
i think i should have searched for these to find clear my doubt beofre posting

quite allright - don’t worry about it. It’s part of what the forum is for. It’s a cool thing DH has going here - a community of customers - and it’s totaly un-controled. You can say positive or negative about DH and it’s all good. (just no insults or cussing, that sort of stuff)


I like their panel, but it can be slow at times. I’ve used DH, CPanel/WHM, and Plesk. I like DH & CPanel, both of which have their strong points, but didn’t like Plesk (at least not version 6, which is the one I used).

Im a new user and haven’t played on the control panel for long, but it is always this sloooooowww?

no, for some reason it’s been going extremly slooooooooow today. Don’t know why.


Thanks, i was getting worried this was going to be a 24/7 thing…

It’s always a bit slow, but today it’s incredibly slow !! (5 minutes to change a page…)

Ok… good to know it’s still happening and not just my system.

Anyone know of any way to find out what the m??? name is for your IMAP email name is? :slight_smile:

I’d give my right arm to be ambidexterous!

We have been experiencing errors with the web panel all day. The "Temporarily Unavailable…sorry for the…we update our databases.” message has popped up several dozen times today. Is this common for DH? I have also experienced the WP lagging at times but never like this. :@

Are you referring to the user name on the server? If so go to the web panel (when it is working), under the “mail” tab then “passwords”. You will see the list of the assigned user names (ex: m0143499) and the corresponding name that you assigned to it.

hope that helps.


Ya, that’s what I was looking for. Was just wondering if there was a faster way to get it, other than the mail tab :slight_smile: . I did eventually get it though. Thanks!

I’d give my right arm to be ambidexterous!

What I do is look at the sticky note on the wall of my cubicle where I wrote down the accursed machine-generated name.

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