Control panel too slow

Hi, sometimes my control panel is horribly slow, changed to one option to another is taken several seconds even some minutes, but the site is ok, my site is ok and the ftp is ok too, is only de control panel as far I know.

Anyone perceive this too?


Yes, I am facing the same issue. And it happens all the time. I wonder if support will resolve this issue.

The only section of the panel that is currently slow for me is the rewards section, but this has always been the slowest section of the panel for me.

Other areas of the panel have been quite quick lately, but I might be lucky to be using the panel during periods of low demand, due to being in a (presumably) different time-zone than the majority of DreamHost users.


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This has come up on the forums before, and you are encourage to contact support when this happens. Provide details such as what you were trying to do - if only one section of the panel is slow, and what time you were encountering problems.

–Matttail - personal website

The panel has always been a little slow for me but today its ridicilous. I got a server not found error twice when trying to access

If they cannot even keep their own CP working right, how are we supposed to trust them with our sites?

Now, it’s totally not accessible. Anybody can view the home page of the panel at all?

One of the panel boxes apparently produced some kind of an error and pulled down the entire thing. It’s working again now.

–Matttail - personal website

I am getting some other panel problems like pages not loading :confused:

It works when I refresh though.

I dunno dan, what is your website?

I have more than a couple so far the only issues are mySQL errors once in a while.

All in all I’m happy with DH. DH’s website should be an example of how great the service is, not lets change things around and put it on the site for live “testing”. New things or changes should be tested in house throughly.

There is a word for live testing: beta

What is the url of your most important or favorite site and what is the url for the site that had the mysql error? What was the mysql error?

What live testing are you referring to? I agree that is obvious that offline testing is important. Do you have some specific system administration or large scale software development experience to share? Perhaps an example from a project or system that you managed?

Bah, I seem to of hit a nerve. I ment no disrespect to anyone, my original point was why add or modify something systemwide with out testing it in house.

Frankly, I’m a beginner at this stuff. I plan on starting college this fall for IT. What I know (html, php, mySQLwise) I’ve pretty much picked on up on various how to sites, forums much like this and trial & error.

The site I referenced with the mySQL error is Its a vBulletin forum, still in the rough I haven’t done much promoting yet because I want to get things just right. At any rate any time there is a db error, vB sends me an email. I really don’t know what all of them mean so I go check the site and if things seem to be working I delete the email.

Again I didn’t mean to ruffle anyone’s feathers just making a point that things should be tested before going live. Just as I’m not advertising or promoting my site until I’m satisfied things are working correctly. :slight_smile:


No offense taken. The panel slowness you experienced was due to a database backup running much later then usual due to moving that database to new hardware the night before. It was obviously an error to have it still running at that time since it caused the slowness. To use a sport analogy, you coming to the forums and saying, “hey, have you guys ever heard of beta testing?” is akin to showing up in the locker room after a professional basketball game following a loss and asking “hey, you guys ever heard of practice?”

well… yeah.

Next time you get an message from vB, forward it along to support. We’ll help you troubleshoot it.

Thanks for your patience. Next time vB spits out an error I’ll forward it.

I’m sorry I can’t see the topic before.

I’m glad to know this isn’t only my problem, no happy for your problem of course :D, but if is a generalized issue, maybe something goes wrong and the support people doesn’t know. I’ll send a note to them when this happends again.

Thanks for your answers :).

Take care.