Control Panel Support Tickets - Status

I just thought I’d drop this post into the forum in hopes of helping those who cannot get into the panel to generate a Support Trouble Ticket.

You are not misssing much:

---- from the “Contact Support” page ----

********* Critical Announcement *********
(posted 14 mins 35 secs ago)

If you are experience website slowness or downtime on all of your sites hosted then the
chances are that you are experiencing the network problems that have been plaguing us
for some time. We have major maintenance scheduled for Monday that we feel will resolve
these long standing issues. The network issues unfortunately got worse today so the
downtime you may be experience is system wide and we are already working on the issue.
If you are not writing in about these problems please continue to support, otherwise
please keep an eye on dreamhoststatus. Sorry about the problems, we are hopeful for
Mondays maintenance.

You can keep updated at!

Still need to submit a support request?
Click here!

This is from the last time I was able to check the panel, which was sometime between 2000 and 2030 PDT (GMT-8). Shortly before that the screen showed 461 tickets pending.

I have not been able to load the “Contact Support” screen since. It looks like, as paltry as it is at present, is “as good as it gets” for now :frowning:


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Putting the support page somewhere else would lead to TONS and floods of reports and so forth over a problem they already know about, costing them more time in fixing the actual glitch. is up and provides adequate information.

Dreamhost has been the best hosting experience I have had other than hosting on my own box here. I have been here nearly a year, and my sites have been down ONCE. Not being able to reach the control panel is an inconvenience at best, and will be fixed.

If they allowed for tickets to be submitted dring a system wide problem like this, there would a FLOOD of tickets and complaints idiots who would submit over and over, completely useless and not helping anything get fixed.

Keep working guys, and thanks!

I am a happy Dreamhost customer. | Online Status

Good points, though not all have had as favorable experience as you have enjoyed. I’ve been pretty lucky myself.

My post was designed to lessen the load on the Control Panel Contact Support page, and to point out that there is no need to submit a support ticket for these kinds of “known” issues.

I’m not sure I understand at all what you are referring to about “Putting the support page somewhere else”, but I generally agree with your statements.


I meant putting it off site in case of a system wide problem, so it could still be accessed if the panel is down. I just thought that would be a bad idea. Even now however my sites are up, and I can get to the panel, although it is slow and takes a few tries. Tracert shows that the problem is the hop just before I hit Dreamhost.

I am a happy Dreamhost customer. | Online Status