Control Panel Question


I wanted to know if it is possible to give someone that I have done a website for their own control panel, so they can login and only see their website / mail / etc.

I don’t think this can be done but I thought I would ask anyway.



You can grant some access of your account to others via DH panel --> Users --> Account Privileges

More info you can refer to this article.

You can grant domain and email accesses. Be careful with plan access. If you grant plan access, others are able to delete your hosting plan.

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Ok. I just did this.

I only granted access to his domain and email account.

My question is what is this guys password to login to the control panel? I did not create a new Web ID or anything. I was not asked to assign a password, username, etc.

How can I see what they see, so I can be sure that they only have access to what I want them to have access to.

I ask this because I do not know what was in the email that was send to this person. My email just said that I gave ‘name’ access to my account.

I have not done this before and am worried that this person will have access to things they should not have access to.

Did I do anything wrong?

Thanks for your help.

If the user already has an account in DH, you do not need to create new WebID. Just get the user’s WebID and grant access to it.

If the user does not have an account in DH, you need to create a new WebID for the user. The user will then be able to log into DH panel with the new WebID and password. But the user will only have limited access you granted.

I’ll suggest you to remove the account privileges right now. You may have granted access to someone that you do not know.

If you are not sure about whom you granted the access to, I’ll suggest you to remove all account privileges and re-do everything.

Please remove account privilege first and post back if you do not understand.

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