Control Panel Question

Now I want to preface this post by telling everyone that I am a Noob with a capital N. Now that the foundation has been laid let’s get to my issue:

I have been a Dream Host customer for going on 3 days now. I have previously used a hosting company that utilized the Cpanel control panel. It was very simple… I got online, looked at my files, changed/added/deleted/moved directories and files, etc. fairly easily.

Now that I have started using Dream Host’s control panel I have run into a couple newbie problems.

#1- Where can I view my files? One of my directories had a one-click install Wordpress blog in it and I want to delete it. My FTP (Filezilla) will only allow me to delete the actual php/jpg/etc files but not the directory folder(s) themselves.

I clicked on the “Files Forever” button hoping to find them there. But there were no files. Correct me if I am wrong but FF is an archiving option where you pay extra money to have DH archive your files. I thought I already paid for DH to host and back-up my files? I am a little confused by this option.

Is there another place (that I am missing) to be able to view all my files on the DH server and delete the directory files I need to delete?

You can delete the directory through Filezilla, but first make a setting change. Launch Filezilla > Edit > Settings > Interface Settings > Remote File list > check show hidden files. You should now be able to delete the directory.

Dreamhost also provides a web accessible FTP system to get your files. You can go directly there You should also be able to delete the directory from there.

Files forever is an extra service DH set up, that’s above and beyond your hosting. It’s a system where you can upload (for $$) to their service and charge people to download it. You don’t need to worry about it, and you’ve still got the tons of storage advertised when you signed up, and automatic backups are created and store in a hidden .snapshot directory.

Hope that helps clear things up.

–Matttail - personal website

In addition to mattail’s excellent information, you might want to know that you can delete an entire “one-click” installation from the same Control Panel screen you used to create it in the first place. :wink:


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the quick reply and the great info.