Control Panel Probmlems in Firefox

I’ve searched the forum and read about the reload problem…this seems to be something different. When I open (regardless of http vs. https), no CSS and no images load. But it looks fine in IE. This just started today.

I tried:

  • Clearing history/cache
  • Totally removing all private data/setting from Firefox
  • adding * and to my list of cookie exceptions
  • Deleting all my cookies

It worked fine just yesterday. I’m just trying to determine if it’s something on my end before bothering support - they’re probably pretty tied up with yesterday’s outtages…perhaps this is related? Anyone else experiencing this? Suggestions?


I use Firefox, and I’m not experiencing any problems with the panel.

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Likewise, no issues with FireFox here.

Possibly try doing a full cache release? I believe for FireFox it’s “CTRL+F5”.

Did that first, to no effect.


Good to know. It seems all CSS and images are blocked for some reason for all of (Including the discussion forum). I will search in the Firefox forums or Google groups or something for a tip…


Um, big fat USER ERROR! I’m a dork…

Just in case anyone else does this:

Yesterday when there were outtage problems I noticed I was blocking popups on dreamhost so I added * to my Firefox AdBlock Addon. Well…I added it to the filters instead of filter exceptions.

I removed the filter and everything is now in perfect order.


Here got some information about this issue :

The content is :
To help distribute the load across our servers, the DreamHost web panel loads its images from a separate web server. Some web browsers like Firefox interpret this as a sneaky advertising technique. In our case, that’s not the case!

If you’re not seeing images on your account control panel, or are experiencing other display problems, try this fix for Firefox.

Under the “Tools” menu select “Options.”

Click “Web Features.”

You’ll need to add our web panel to your ‘exceptions’ list. To do this, click the ‘Exceptions’ button to the right of “Load Images.”

Add to your ALLOW list.

That should do it!

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