Control panel not working?

I’ve been trying to create a database for TWO hours. Before when I click the button to create the database the browser keept “loading” forever and nothing was done. Now I can’t even open the control panel. never opens.

How can I ask for support officially if the control panel is not working?

I’m just a newbie here and I already have headaches.

Panel is working for me. Perhaps it was a temporary blip?

As far as contacting support when the panel is done, as long as you have contacted suport before, you can E-mail from the E-mail address you have set up in the suport panel to recieve replies at. ie. is where I get replies from support requests E-mailed to me, so I can E-mail from Sorry if that’s comfusing.
-Anyways, that will work and it will get entered into the que as long as you’ve contacted suport before.


Ok, It is back. It looks you can’t have multiple tabs in Firefox otherwise the thing get stuck.

Yes, I have also experienced problems with using several browser windows at once with the DH Panel. Most things in the Panel don’t mind, but some things won’t work. The solution is to be careful and only have the Panel open in one window/tab.

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