Control Panel - No Domain

I’m helping a friend with his web site and I need to activate php5. In the control panel it does not appear there is any website associated with the account, so the panel will not allow me to add php5.

I contacted support yesterday… still no response.
any ideas?

well, did you add the domain to the panel? You’ll need to Domains > Manage > and add a new domain before anything will show up.


when i try to add a domain it looks like it’s guiding me thru the signup process. i don’t want to signup, i just want to manage the existing web site.

it’s it normal for Dream Host to make you add each domain to control it?

every other host i’ve been with, you just log into the control panel and setup your services.

thanks for your help, i’ll try again what you suggested.

There were multiple Control Panel logins.
The login I was using was not attached to any hosting accounts.

I was just using the info the client gave me, i’m not normally this clueless.