Control Panel - Manage Domains - delete domain question

I was wondering if I use the red ‘X’ Delete button on the manage domains tab of the control panel, will I no longer own the domain that I registered?

What would happen if someone clicked this button by accident?

If the domain was deleted, but I still owned it, how does one go about restoring it?

Thank you.

No — the “delete” button on the Manage Domains will only remove anything you have hosted for the domain (e.g, web sites, email, and DNS). It doesn’t affect the registration of the domain.

If you’ve removed hosting for a domain, you can (in most cases) add it back at any time using the “Add Domain / Subdomain” button at the top of the page.

You can only delete domains that you own from your domain registrar. They’re separated from hosting. So it’s just like what Andrew said when you click the red x button, only your hosting on that domain will be affected.

It’s actually not possible to delete a DreamHost domain registration at all. The only way a domain registration can be removed from your account is if it isn’t renewed and expires, or if you transfer it away to another registrar.

(Under certain special circumstances, DreamHost Support may be able to delete a registration from your account. There is no way to do it yourself, though.)