Control panel login


I have problems with login to control panel using Firefox, after upgrade to 1.5.1. there message about cookies. but I have cookies enabled. I have to use IE :frowning:

anyone coping with similar issue?

I had the same problem, but it went away after a while. Weird. I had logged in from IE and then sometime later had gone back to firefox.

Maybe you can try deleting your cookies

I just upgraded Firefox yesterday and logged into DH within a few minutes of that, so I’m not sure what problem you’d be having.

Clearing the cache doesn’t help?

Any chance you’re using a plug-in that isn’t playing nicely with the new version?

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I’m a new customer as of yesterday, and I’m having the same problem with the new version of Firefox. Login from IE works OK, but I don’t want to use IE! All other websites are working fine in Firefox.

Firefox is set to use cookies, I even tried adding and manually to the allowed list.

i tried to clear cookie before, it didn’t work, but now I’ve logged in. Strange.

I had the same problem. I solved it like this:

Go to Tools, Options, Privacy, Cookies, View Cookies. I searched for dreamhost and removed any cookies that involved, in particular

Then I could log in just fine.