Control panel is down

When is the control panel going to be back up? I’ve been trying to login to it for nearly an hour now.

Yeah, since I’ve been a Dreamhost member [like a week now], it’s been non-functional about 25%-50% of the time, and the ‘System Status’ is pretty much down all the time, which begs the question: How can it be giving reliable uptime stats when the system itself is unavailable??

The control panel doesn’t itself do monitoring of machines - it simply reports the available data.

Monitoring is done by its own machine.

It’s been much faster and reliable in the last 4 or 5 days.

I’m a new DH customer. The CP is down now (1:30am-PT). It seems to be down or sluggish a lot so far… Bummer. Anyone find that it goes down a lot at a particular time of day or night?

It seems to be much faster on nights and weekends. But it’s been solid for me in the last week.