Control Panel Down?

For the last 30 minutes or so I have been unable to log into the control panel. Is anyone else having this happen?

THere was nothing on about it either. What gives?

I am also unable to log into Control Panel. This is getting pretty tedious.

Looks like we can get back in now.

I guess it is a mystery.

the panel was down.
the status page wasn’t updated
i was getting server error messages trying to get into this forum.
and i couldn’t get into the knowledge base.

all seems to be working now but it’s starting to get become pretty pathetic with all of this down time.

Not to complain nor to justify any of DH’s downtime, but at least your sites are up… After being promised “hours” and “a couple of hours”, my stomach feels kind of funny inside.

Nods … I’m a relative newcomer to DH, but am seriously reconsidering my decision and will be going elsewhere, I think, if this continues much longer.

i’ve been here since last june and untill they extened the 3X everything plan everything seemed fine, then they made it standard, some errors mk w/e, then they added more something or other, then it started to go down hill, then this lastest and all hell breaks lose

but one good thing about all this down time
it means old peices are getting replaced with new peices