Control panel down

Now showing that cpanel is down due to database maintenance. So they’re working it…

This has been reported to support…

I was reviewing some changes I made and suddenly all my information was “gone”. (I had no users, no email, etc.)

So I thought I’d log out and “refresh” the data. Initially I was getting invalid password error.

Which then spread to getting “500 Internal Server Error” when going to


Still down for me, it has been several hours! Does anyone know another way that you can send mail to a mailing list than the control panel? Also, is it typical for the panel to go down for hours at a time like this? I’m not used to this kind of reliability!

  • John

I’ve telnet’d into the server to check my email with Pine. I don’t use mailing lists, but couldn’t you use any email program to send to the list? (Like Pine?) I wouldn’t think you could add “users” to a list or remove from list without control panel, but again, I don’t use lists. But I’d think you could still use the existing list by emailing with Pine.

If you have never used Pine and have telnet access with your plan, post back here and I’ll try and help.

Also, post if you’re using a PC or Mac. (With a PC I can tell you precisely; with a Mac I’d have to describe it generically cuz I don’t know Mac telnet, etc.) But once you got telnet’d in, the commands would be the same in Pine.


p.s., Still down as of 12:15 p.m. EST.

It’s an announcement mailing list, so I’m not sure if Pine would work with it.

Looks like the panel is back up anyway.