Control panel dead?


The control panel gives me a blank page when I try to go there now. (And where are you supposed to report such a thing, given that the “official” place to make tech support queries is in the panel?)

– Dan


Have you been through this thread?


Definatly check out that thread. There is a knows issue with the latest Firefox and the panel.

In the case that the panel is down you can always contact from the E-mail address you normally recieve support replies at. That will enter it into the supprt que from your panel account.

–Matttail - personal website


The Control Panel is not accessible to me either. I tried IE and FF. This SUX!!!


Same thing here… expect I dont use FF


At least I can access my domain’s ftp. I wanted to do some 1 click installs. I just got a new client and want to set up Zen Cart. This is going to make me look wonderful. :frowning:


I forgot what all of my passwords where and I Cant even click the “Forgot password” link… only reason I got into the forum was because it emailed me my password when I tryed to log in with the wrong password to many times


Seems to be up now. Crossing the fingers and taking a stab at 1 Click install.


I am experiening the same problems trying to access my control panel. Can’t get in with either FF or IE.