Control Panel Add on?


Hey I posted in the wrong forum section. But I am having a difficult time with uploading a control panel onto dreamhost. It is from buzztouch (app creating control panel) it’s similar to other PHP/MySQL arrangements. I would really like some help from the support team. I could send the directions/steps they give and have the team look at them up possibly do a better job explaining them to me (I’m new to all of this). ??


Unfortunately the support team won’t help you with this, and they certainly won’t be able to take the time to “do a better job explaining them to” you. For the very basic rates you pay dreamhost, the “support teams” job is to keep everything up and running. You are renting space and bandwidth, as long as what you are doing with it is not abusive or a rule violation then you can do whatever you want with that rented space.

You can however do this. Follow the installation instructions, and when you get stuck come to this forum and post a very specific message about what you were doing and why its not working, and someone can probably help you get past that step, there are both dreamhost employees and customer that help out people like yourself that are sailing in uncharted territory.

You could probably also post and offer to pay someone to either install it for you, or perhaps gets on skype with you and assist you doing that. The second would probably be alot more expense than than first, because it would take more of the other persons time to educate you, than to just get it done.

Another factor you are battling here is the software in question is for profit and paid for, meaning that even if I wanted to I can’t just go download it and see what problems I encounter installing it on dreamhost.

Judging by this thread over on the buzztouch forums, your basically wanting beginner education. Perhaps you should look for a local friend/relative/acquaintance or paid consultant to help you.


Thanks for that reply