Control panel access?


I’m a DreamHost user, but not the main admin for the account I use. I would like to set up WordPress so that I can start a blog on my website. I’ve read that this is very easily done from the DreamHost control panel. But as far as I know, I don’t have access to the control panel, since I’m not the main admin for my account.

It sounds like I might be able to scrap together my own installation of WP without using the control panel. However, WP requires that I create a MySQL database. Again, this is supposed to be very easy to do–from the DreamHost control panel.

So, my question is this: is there any way for me as a user to create a MySQL database without pestering my admin to use the control panel to do it for me (in which case, I suppose he could do the full WP installation while he’s at it)? I’m perfectly comfortable messing around in bash.

And, of course, the corollary question is this: am I misunderstanding something here?

Thanks very much for your help!

You understand correctly. And no, there’s no way to create a database execpt through the panel.

You could ask your admin to set it up so you can access the Control panel though. Just create a web-id, then your admin can log into the Panel > billing > Account Privelages > Grant Privileges to a new Web ID. From there your admin can select what portions of the control panel you have access to - so it can be limited to things only effecting your domain.

Once that’s set up you can log into the panel with your web-id and do the one click install. If that doesn’t work out, just ask them to do the install for you.



Thanks for posting such a helpful response, Matttail, and for doing it so quickly! I’m in your debt.