"Contraversal" Site

This post is really for the admins, but I thought I’d let some of the customers here see it as well. In July, I will be moving www.jamesiha.net to DreamHost’s servers. My old host, CyberPixels, yanked the site within a month of it being online because one of their other customers complained that I was “impersonating” James Iha. They had the site down for nearly two months while an investigation was going on in their admin discussion forum. In the mean time, I was never refunded for that money or anything.

My question: Does anyone, admin or not, see anything in that site that will cause it to be pulled? I can install everything that is on there, and right in the title is says it’s a fan site; made by the fans for the fans. I don’t think a bunch of morons run DreamHost, but I want the admins to be aware of what happened with the site’s current host.

Basically, if the site doesn’t violate our TOS or US / California law (or the laws of the state you live in), there shouldn’t be a problem.