Continued connectivity issues with sub4

Well once again Dreamhost is experiencing issues with the sub4 cluster. This makes the third time in six months that this cluster has had issues. Is there any way we can request to be moved to a more reliable cluster? If not I think I’m going to have to seriously consider using some other service for email.

Yes I agree it is unacceptable. This issue has been going for many hours now. Support wont accept a chat and I lodged a ticket - no reply. So we are just ignored and left to stew in our frustration. Email is probably the most important service to us and many of their customers.

A couple more hours have passed with no resolution. I got an email (obviously not to an account that they host) informing me that their robot has “moved” my support ticket - am I meant to be reassured by that? As I cant work and earn money, I’ll fill in the time researching alternative hosting providers …

Last time it took 3 weeks to get it resolved.
And everything was fixed in February(?).


I’m painfully aware of that. Then it was down for a hour on Feb 9th, but that outage never got reported by the DreamHost Status site.

My manager is not happy about the outages and is starting to question why we went with Dreamhost. I should have went with Google Apps. :frowning:

It’s gotten kind of annoying with shared hosting email being treated like the proverbial red-headed stepchild.
[]Junk mail and filters access in webmail has been broken for months, with no hope of a fix in sight.
]Repeated downtime and poor performance.
[*]What appears to be a relatively cavalier attitude toward fixing these problems.
It’s disappointing, and after years of relying on DH for hosting I’m very much considering not relying on it.

Edit: At 03/09/2016 @ 14:47 EST, now getting repeated reports of “timeout” error across all domains.

Not that it is helpful per se but there are numerous threads about whether you should rely on a specialist web host for email (and vice versa) on this forum – and probably around the web.

Unfortunately reliable, fast, email hosting is something that needs paying for! I came across a ‘free’ host (for upto 25 users, 5gig mailboxes only) called Zoho. Whilst obviously Office 365 or Google Apps are the big daddies of the industry.

In the meantime, good luck and I hope sub4 is soon functioning properly.

Not to be entirely pedantic, but I actually am paying for hosting here, and it’s my understanding that email is a part of that. I understand it’s shared hosting - I know that from time to time there may be issues, everything from load problems to someone spamming outbound and getting DH strapped with blacklist removal. That does not excuse the ongoing outright failures that seem to be proliferating recently.

And as it goes, as of March 15, 2016 @ 14:15 EDST, still having connectivity issues and delivery performance issues (nearly 25 minutes for email hosted on the same server to arrive, text only-no attachments), so I can say still waiting on this issue.

I’m going to go and clean up the client’s whitelist/blacklist table to rule that out as a fuss, but since that hasn’t been an issue before I’m not holding out much hope.

I agree with what you’re saying. I did see this post on the DreamHost Status site…

Maybe they finally found the root issue? Emails are being delivered within 30 seconds of being sent this morning!

If that’s the case, I should get my year’s bill paid for successfully troubleshooting the issue. Or at least an “attaboy” or something.

I gave them too much praise, its broke again today. :frowning:

Well why do you put ‘free’ in quotes? Zoho appears to offer a genuinely free (and ad-free) base offering. As you note, quantities are less than for google apps (5GB as opposed to 15GB) but why would anyone need more than 640k^h^h^h^h 5GB

But is Zoho reliable and fast? Experience reports would be welcome.

Sub4 cares not for your wants and needs, only the laughter of the dark gods. I recommend moving to a specialist email service, or running your own server.