Continue the website

hi, all. im a user of dreamhost. however, i ask an agent to registrate for me because i don’t have credit card and atm i don’t know dreamhost. now my agent just asked money from me to continue the site in november. but he is gone in the wind. no one knows where he is. anyway, due to this problem, im not able to run the website anymore. mostly, i havent pay the fee for the coming year. so i sincerely ask dreamhost can offer the website to me after i pay the cost. is it possible?

This is a difficult situation. I guess DH will only look for the one who registered the account, and probably it is your agent.

Do you have the access to DH panel? Is the email address to log into DH panel yours?

If the email address is yours, you can renew your hosting plan via DH panel --> Billing --> Manage Accounts You can pay using credit card (if you have one by now luckily) or check). If the email address is not yours, it may be difficult for you. you should try to contact DH support via DH panel --> Support --> Contact Support or and explain your situation in detail. Then it will depend on your luck

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