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I’m a follower of the White Nationalist movement, and I wish to create a website dedicated to it. Many webhosts refuse to host such websites, but I see no reason for Dreamhost to do so. A quote from the Wiki regarding content:

DreamHost does not restrict the content of sites hosted on our servers, except if that content is illegal in the United States. Illegal content includes:

blatant copyright infringement
child pornography

Other than this, go crazy!

I take that to mean that I should be okay, as my website will not promote any sort of illegal activity. I realize that the philosophy shared by myself and my fellows is a largely unpopular (and misunderstood) one, but I plan on following the guidelines set above.

Should I be okay in hosting such a site with Dreamhost?

As long it’s legal in USA it’s ok.

But such website is often subject to attacks and webhost may not like that.

my personnal 2cents :
Anyway, nobody like you, so go away elsewhere.

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If it’s legal in the US (and also California), there should be no problem.

That is academic. As long as you aren’t doing anything illegal, it is only fair that you should be able to exercise your right to freedom of speech, and to help others properly understand your point of view.

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Thank you for the quick response. I will continue as planned.

Remember that we are just Dreamhost customers here on the forums. We are not officially authorized to say what the Dreamhost corporation will do.

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Is it alright to talk about how bad black people are as an entire race? How about discussing ways to get rid of them from the USA?

Is it alright to have a website on Dreamhost that calls black people names like moneky, n****r and s**tskin?

I found that and more at the following site which is hosted by Dreamhost

I’ve read your post a couple of times and the best I can figure is that you found a similar website hosted by DH, so the OP is good to go?

Or are you trying to say that you have a right to free speech, but the OP doesn’t? Free speech works both ways you know, regardless if you like the content or not.

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I would like to know if DH allows or does not allow it. I can break it down into at least two sorts of messages:

  1. Exclusive group about group self - We are great because ______, we do ______ well, we are better than ________, only _______ can join, _____ people will live longer than ______ people, ______ are healthier than _____ people, ______ people are smarter than ______ people

  2. Exclusive group against “Those People” - These type of people are _______, this should be done to ______ type of people, ________ people deserve and don’t deserve _______, if I saw a _______ person on the street I would ________, if you see _________ people you should, all _________ people are ______, _______ people should be _______ of the country, the US belongs to ______, _______ people are lower than insert animal type here

Are both types allowed by DH?

Now you can insert whatever you want into those blanks

As I believe someone else here already suggested, file a ticket and ask DH directly. Being that this is a customer-to-customer forums, there is no way we can give you a real answer.

Unless someone from staff decides to post here, but that’s not too common.

First off please understand (as stated above) this is a customer to customer support forum and no response you receive here will be official.

I’ll again repeat what was said above - as long as it’s legal in both the US and specifically California it’s allowed on DH. By your example number one is good on DH. Example number two is probably not ok as you are endorsing illegal activity. Hate crimes are not cool, and you shouldn’t endorse them. Free speech does not make threats legal.

Does that make sense?

–Matttail - personal website


Thank you for the direction to contact DH.


Thank you for the feedback which gave me a “name” to describe why number two seemed wrong to me.

Maybe placed in the following context: a site discussing child pornography may not necessarily contain images of such but the members would more than likely “trade” behind the scenes and share their exploits with each other.

One important thing to remember is that based on the terms of service, you’re not allowed to do anything that disrupts the use of the service for others.

Unfortunately, it’s possible that your site could be attacked affecting others. I do suspect dreamhost would do their best for you but you may still run into some problems - including possibly termination.

From the ACLU:

The important thing to remember is just because you have the right to say it, doesn’t mean that anyone else has to actually listen.

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I’m no lawyer, but I do think that this is not a free speech issue. Your right to free speech is a right to express your views free from the threat of governmental restriction of punishment by law.

We could consider whether this falls under the umbrella of protection from discrimination and harassment, but I don’t think the categories under discussion here fall into a protected class.

Finally, we can consider the emerging field of “equal access”. I’m no expert here so I’ll have to defer to someone else, but when I last checked, equal access only has the force of law with respect to schools that receive Federal funds.

Businesses have a significant amount of freedom within the law to decide who they can choose to do business with. Note that most adult content is protected speech, yet business have nearly unlimited freedom to choose to not do business or not provide equal access for adult content.

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