Content not Showing

Ok I have driven myself batty the last 2 days trying to make this thing function I have asked my Professors for help but its not working so here I am. Help me please!!

Issue: I have my domain, I have hosting, I have an ftp server thingy to house all my files, I have them all uploaded to to the Files forever thing, but none of my images or flash content show up. All the navigation works perfectly but the images are unavailable. I tried updating the path that Dreamweaver uses to find my images but that didn’t work. It says on the site for my flash stuff that I need the new flasher player but I downloaded that and it says the same and does the same on every computer I try to view my website on. I’m sure the answer is really simple something easy to spite me and everything but I can’t think of it so any help is appreciated. The url for my site is [ ] just so you can see first hand what I’m talking about.

So that’s my issue help please and thank you for taking the time to read my rambling plea for help.

Files Forever isn’t really a web server. I see that your site is looking for your swf file in your Library folder.

A couple of things:

  1. Don’t use upper case in folder and file names. Lower case only simplifies things, especially when using case-sensitive applications
  2. Do you really have a Library folder on your site when you FTP to your domain folder? If Library is a top level folder, sometimes it helps to have a leading slash to provide an absolute path. Poking around your site makes me think you don’t.

Ok I can fix the name issue thank you on that and as for the folder thing do you mean I can upload the whole folder? May seem dumb but I didn’t think to do that and put everything on separate. I knew it was something easy I was over looking. I’ll try that thank you very much. I really hope this works. :slight_smile: