Content more then 3 in frontpage

Hello. I am trying to figure out how I can list more then 3 news articles in the frontpage. I have about 8 articles in total, but yet the webpage only shows 3 at the time, and then have to go to the next page. I tried to look everywhere in the control panel for admin, and nothing. I tried Joomla Forums and seems they dont help anyone there either.

Maybe someone can help me here PLEASE???


The answer to your question is, indeed, answered already on the joomla forums (as are almost all the questions you are likely to encounter!):,17902.0.html

I don’t know how you used the joomla site, especially since you claim that it “seems they dont help anyone there either.”

That site has 119451 Posts in 18667 Topics by 12575 Members…looks to me like someone is getting a substantial amount of help there ,-).

I have found the joomla forums to be one of the most helpful places on the web; but you need to learn to help yourself.

Use forums’ search tools, learn to use google, and learn to ask questions the smart way:

Except for the mention of joomla in the last part of your post, no one here would have had any idea at all what you were talking about, and the subject of your post would not have given any clue. I usually ignore such posts.