Content Management

Hi I need to come up with some kind of content management system for an online gig guide, it’s just a single page with dates and venues laid out in a table.

ps see

My client wants to be able to edit this info themselves, add, edit and delete entrys. I’d prefer a solution using PHP, does anyone know of prebuilt script that I could customise or give me some idea of the cost to set one up. Any info woud be appreciated.



It’s not as elegant as a PHP/MySQL solution, but this script has been very satisfactory in giving non-techie types the ability to edit a specific area of a web page.

It’s basically a WYSIWYG editor, which is capable of creating/editing tables (which seems to be what you’re after) just like using Excel.

The cool thing is that users only have the ability to change the particular area you designate, not the whole page or site.

Neat site, by the way… makes me wish I was in the hemisphere so I could catch a gig.

Hi Thanks for that, looks like it could do the job :slight_smile: