Content Management Systems - what's a good one

Hi - I have a client who would like to update a few pages of his website himself so I have been reviewing content management systems. I have looked at Adobe Contribute, CMS from Scratch ( and most recently, Joomla. It seems that to use Contribute, the client would need to purchase the software and learn how to use it. CMS from Scratch seems great but it costs about $200 per domain. And I’ve been told that Joomla is difficult and complicated. I don’t know much php so am not sure how I would fare with Joomla. Does anyone have any advice? Are there other good CMS’s out there? Thanks in advance for any guidance.

You don’t need to know much about php to use joomla, in general most things are set up using the admin panel.

There are probably a few things that may require something be edited but this would normally be well documented.

The only major thing that would require editing may be the theme but this would mainly be css or html that requires changing.

Joomla is actually not that hard and has the benefit of a wide community offering support that the others may not have.

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Well, if it’s a simple site there’s always WordPress. It’s not just for blogs any more.

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There are actually several excellent FOSS CMS systems out there, any of which would probably be fine for your client.

On DreamHost, I have used:


Both Joomla! and WordPRess are available on Dreamhost as “one-click” installs and, while WordPress began life as (and actually still is) primarily a blog platform, it’s current version’s “pages” feature makes it highly usable as a CMS.

You can visit opensourcecms to actually demo these, and many other FOSS CMSs.


MODX is a great CMS…free…mysql…php and a huge community that can help you with all kinds of stuff.

Out of the box it has good security eg login, password user management.

Check it out…


I can only compare Joomla and Xoops as they are what I have experience in…

I would recommend Xoops :slight_smile:

Good luck

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