Content "gateways" and "coming soon" pages

Does any one know where one can find the basic (yet customizable) templates for a content “gateway” and “coming soon” page, for the initial set-up/start-up of a site? I know sometimes the term “landing” page is also used. In any case, Im not able to find easy/conclusive documentation via either site’s tutorials or forum discussions. But perhaps Im not looking in the right spots, or no one has asked so pointedly?

There’s the official WP repository:
Any of those themes can be customized.

And a Google search for “wordpress themes” will yield gobs of sites. If you find a theme, you can set your WP site to display a page instead of posts, so the page you display can be your Coming Soon or Gateway page.

I know its quite easy to customize a good theme. But Im rather “green” (“under-experienced”) when it comes to doing too much (designing/reconfiguring) on my own! Consequently I was hoping there were known accessible/downloadable/WP-compatible templates specifically of basic “gateway” and “coming soon” pages somewhere within the interlinked grasp of WP (and DreamHost). I have seen many (specifically “gateways”) that look very nearly the same; Surely there’s be a place to find them?

(Notably, dont all Google’s blogs use the same “mature/restricted” content gateways when applicable?)

From memory, the one-click includes a parked template. I think it’s black with an orange stripe. The WordPress repository in my link has a parked page called Countdown, I believe, that’s a nice looking one with a countdown timer.

I’m not sure what you mean by “Gateway,” though. Many themes have a copyright at the bottom with a link to the source.

I checked out “Countdown”! Thanks for the heads-up; I suspect it can be paired with a “Coming Soon” configuration?!

Meanwhile I might be using the wrong terminology, but to me “gateway” is the page (typically smaller than usual in size) that one encounters when first accessing a web address where further admittance is a matter of consent. Is it called something else? A “door” maybe?

I found one WP plugin" “Content Warning.” Unfortunately its almost a bit too simple, and doesnt seem (easily) customizable.