Contemplating move to Dreamhost

Hello there!

I’m thinking about switching to Dreamhost as I currently experience a bunch of major problems with my current hosts.

I plan to move a site of approximately 1 GB of data to Dreamhost and add 2 SMF Message Boards (around 100-200 posts/day each). As far as I can see this shouldn’t be much of a problem for the Level 1 package, as my monthly bandwidth won’t exceed 30 GB. Correct me if I’m wrong.

My question mainly is: What about special features such a SMF board would need to support to the best of its ability? Like a spellchecker library or accelerators like APC, allowing better caching? If I need something like that is it included in the price? Are such things available on all packages, do I need to specify that upon setting the account up?

Can somebody advise me regarding that matter?


Hi and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

I can’t see that traffic level being a problem. You should be fine on any of the DreamHost shared plans, unless you have an errant script that consumes too many resources and degrades server performance.

There aren’t any hard limits on resource usage here at DreamHost, other than the storage and bandwidth restrictions imposed by your particular plan. Generally, if you are not adversely affecting other sites on your shared server you will be fine.

I am not familiar with SMF, but a quick look at their website shows that its requirements are simply PHP>4.1.0 & MySQL>3.23.4, so it shouldn’t pose any problems here.

As for the ‘special features’; There is pspell support in the default DreamHost PHP install, but I am not sure about APC (see the link provided by Affiliate7 below);

The DreamHost PHP system is particulary versatile. You can use the default DreamHost PHP install, and this will be adequate for most things, however you can also install a local version of PHP into your home directory and configure your sites to use this instead of the default install. This allows you to change various configuration options that may be required for your site.


Edit: Added ‘stuff’ :slight_smile:

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Alternative PHP Cache?

Check this entry:

and contact DreamHost. Maybe they can help.

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