Contacting them is impossible

I’ve emailed them like 3 time and I get no response. I have many pre-sales question, and I wonder how they can expect people to buy their service if nobody responds to questions.

If you don’t respond to potential clients, I doubt you respond to current customers.

: P

I wonder why is that. Apparently the support system of Dreamhost is one of the best I have ever seen.


When did you send your messages and through what avenue?

We respond to all messages, support and sales, within 24 hours max, usually much quicker… we put all sales and support messages in the same queue, and give the same priority to each (actually, higher to support… current customers are more valuable to us than potential customers! Of course it’s easy to go from potential to current… :slight_smile:

If you still haven’t received a response, you will definitely get one tomorrow!


I can second that remark. DreamHost has the best, most informative and helpful replies of any hosting company I’ve had experiences with – regardless whether before or after signing up as a customer. Comparing with other hosts, I’m convinced I’ll never want another hosting provider.

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I would just like to say that switching to DreamHost was the smartest online choice I have ever made!

I don’t know the reason for which you did not receive a response, but I assure you I have asked a million questions and have received a million answers!!!

Keep up the good work guys!