Contacting Support

Is there any way to conatct Dreamhost support besides their silly request form? I need to speak with a human or some semblance of one.

No. The support system in place works just fine.

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If you’re on the higher levels you’re allowed to some callbacks… so you can actually speak to a human :D.

Starting at L2 you have 1 callback at a month

While we do offer 24 hour technical support via e-mail, sometimes you just need to talk to a human being. We’ve all been there. We’re happy to announce that most of our hosting plans include a varying number of monthly callbacks that you can request every time you submit a support request. Maybe you work late hours and are only home (and awake!) from 2am to 5am. Not a problem. When you request a callback, YOU tell US when we’ll call, not the other way around! Please note that at this time callbacks are limited to our US customers.

I have never been able to figure out what someone could “say” when speaking to a “human” that can’t be “written” when writing to one.


if you are not in Level 1 plan, you will have a chance to talk to technical support. If you feel the request form is silly, try to send a ticket to them via DH panel --> Support --> Contact Support Set the ticket type to “OMG EXTREMLY CRITICAL EMERGENCY” if it is in a serious situation. They will always be there.

Good luck.

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When nobody responds to a written message, its useless. I would like an update on my 3-days and counting e-mail outage. Thats why I want a human.

I’ve never waited longer than 48 hours for a support response and the majority of my support requests are answered within 12 hours. Maybe I am just asking the ‘right’ questions. :wink:


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I think you just proved my point; I don’t see any way you could have described that situation any better in person than you just did in writing, so wanting a human can’t be a communication issue. Unless, of course, what you really want is s “human” to chew on. :wink:

Actually, I can’t remember the last time I had to wait even 12 hours for a response to a technical support inquiry/trouble report. I think Mark might well be on to something with his response. Not only does asking the “right” questions encourage a timely response, but the manner in which you ask the question/make the trouble report can impact how anxious a “human” might be to deal with you. It is also possible that the ticket got mislaid or lost - I would have submitted a follow up if I did not hear back within 24 hours. :wink:

If the tone of your technical support contact was anything at all like the patronizing and antagonistic tone of your post here, I’m not surprised that other tickets might get attention before yours. I can just see the “humans” that work in the support center fighting over which one gets to deal with you, so they can hear you tell them how “silly” the form is and then wonder at which point you are going to deem them to be “less than human”.

Your explanation as to why you need to “speak to a human” is lame as it is related to the issue you are having trouble with; again you’ve failed to show that you could have communicated the issue any more effectively in person. On the other hand, if you are frustrated that you don’t have a human to abuse, then I can see why you are unhappy. :slight_smile:

It’s a moot point anyway because, as has been pointed out, short of requesting a call-back if your plan supports it, there is no telephonic contact with “humans” at Dreamhost, and they have never hidden that fact. It is what it is; you need to pay extra for the ability to talk personally with a “human” at DH.


Customers do tend to get short when there is no useful response to an issue. For instance, we haven’t been able to send mail since the 27th, and being able to send email is sort of a basic capability one expects from a web host.

I see a fair number of people complaining about email issues on these forums, so I suspect there is some issue within the system. We haven’t heard back from support, though, that anyone is even considering the case at this point.

So people do get peeved - Tony

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That’s very true, and understandable. I know from hanging out on the DH IRC channel a bit that earlier in the week, when the power outage situation led to network re-boot problems that they lost part of the support queue, and it’s possible that could have something to do with the “no response”

My advice is that, since they have always answered me in 24 hours, or written to apologize for the delay, if that time passes and nothing is received, that would be the time for a follow-up ticket.