Contacting Dreamhost


To all the forum members out there is there any sure fire way to get a rep from DreamHost to contact you?

I would never have signed up with DH if I had known there was no way for me to call them.

I have sent several emails. I get no reply.

I just want to cancel. I’m not impressed at all by no contact, and by no phone number available.

If anyone knows a direct email address or a way to get through to DH please share…


Email isn’t the best way. It gets dumped into “miscellaneous”, get’s no special priority, and no account tests are performed on the way to support. plus you must email in from a recognized address.

The better way is to open a ticket via the panel. Which will perform some checks and allow you set some sort of priority, and route your request to the correct part of support.

Call back phone support is $10.00 a month extra.

You might also check your “support history” in the panel in case they have replied and you didn’t receive the email.


Don’t pay the bill.