Contact support? Form broken?

Hey there, whenever I try to send a contact request, after filling everything out, my “question” field is outlined by a red circle. What gives? There is no error message displayed. Do I have a character limit?

I am just trying to contact someone who can assist me with an account. An employee who no longer works at the business managed all of the domain log in information and will not speak with us at all. We are in the middle of a mailserver migration and if we cannot retrieve any information, or regain control of this domain, we are screwed and will have to find out another solution (eg: switch hosts and get an entire new domain name - not good for us at all!)

Same issue with the contact form not submitting at this url:

Contact form does not work. No options work. How do you contact someone at DreamHost. I see there is no phone number.

I didn’t go check if this was still broken but since Dreamhost hasn’t replied, I suspect that it is.

  1. did you try a different browser? 2) whatever you find out you should post back here to say same thing happened in multiple browsers, or if it’s just one that it’s broken for that would be good to know as well.

Also the monitor @DreamhostCare on twitter, maybe even better than they monitor this forum.

The contact form does not accept support requests. If you select “Support” from the drop down menu, the textarea below disappears and is replaced by a link to your panel.

@AFX: Have you tried using the support form and selecting “Billing” from the drop down? You’ll need to provide the first and last four digits of the card you’ve used, which will help toward establishing your ownership of the domain and account.

Hey friends, sorry about that. We pushed some code to the form yesterday and it broke unexpectedly. It should be working correctly now.

I wonder what were they thinking? I suppose a reminder to use the panel if the user can log in would be in order, but aren’t the people that need to contact support via the contact form usually the users who have gotten locked out of the panel in some way? That’s exactly who I usually tell to use the contact form. This barrier doesn’t seem right to me, because what is going to happen here, is users will be forced to pick other options, than the one the really need… forcing traffic into a queue where it doesn’t belong. There also used to be a password option I believe that appears to have been removed.

Also regarding card numbers, I don’t know if they are treating that field as required, or if you get it wrong they will ignore you. But to be honest I would have trouble getting that correct without either a hint or research. I have multiple cards, and one of them has changed the number 3 times in the last 2 years over data breaches. This wouldn’t be much hassle for someone with an account that actually accrues monthly charges, meaning their card is actually charged monthly, On the other hand, I pay my shared hosting account far in advance, and my guess would be my last actual charge was was 9 months ago for domain renewals, and I know the card that I likely used has changed it’s numbers since then.

The changes to the drop-down don’t seem to solve a problem, they seem to create a new “other” problem.