"Contact Support" Broken?

My website is down and I can’t seem to contact Support. I can get into my Web Panel and get to the “Contact Support” area. I am asked to “Select the type of problem you’re having” (Step 1 of 5) and no matter what I select (Website, Web Panel, etc.), after I hit “Next”, I’m taken back to the same screen. This problem exists with both FF and IE6.

Is there any other way to contact Support?

I’m getting the same thing on OS X Safari. What a drag.

I noticed the panel now also wants to use javascript from newdream.net, but I get the same problem too.

You can try http://www.dreamhost.com/contact.cgi

or respond to a previous Support email, using your contact email address.

Or, some people like to put comments at dreamhoststatus.com and blog.dreamhost.com. :slight_smile:

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Indeed, tried multiple browsers and PCs. Of course my site is down while I cannot contact support…

I believe this is one of the web 2.0 features of the new panel. It’s DH’s way of keeping the incoming support requests down to a minimum.

Honestly, this seems to be a reoccurring bug with one of the new panel features. I think you can trust that DH is working on it. In the mean time, if you use the dreamhost.com/contact.cgi form those messages go into the same queue as regular support requests, so that should serve you as an other way to contact support.

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:smiley: In fact this method of reducing support work load was recently confirmed by Michael, Forum and Support King. :smiley:


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Actually, one of the developers stated earlier this afternoon (on IRC) that he had tracked down and squashed the particular bug that was causing the behavior reported earlier in this thread.

Hopefully, that issue is now resolved! :wink:


Yeah, it looks like they fixed the Panel problem. It’s working for me again.

Unfortunately, the reason that I originally needed to use the Panel (because my site is down) is still a problem. Since the Panel was broken, I ended up replying to an earlier support ticket. It’s been almost 6 hours, my site’s still down, and I have yet to hear any response. If this is any indication of Dreamhost’s “improved response time”, then their response time must have been downright terrible before.

In my experience, it can vary wildy depending upon what is going on with their systems. :wink:

They endeavor to respond within 24 hours, and when things are seriously borken for a lot of users, and the support queue is high, it can take that long or longer.

Other times, when things are running generally well, and the support queue is low, I’ve had responses in less than 5 minutes,

I suspect the panel problems, and fallout from the things listed on dreamhoststatus.com, might mean that they have a fairly good size queue going at present.

Hopefully, they will get to your ticket sooner rather than later!. :slight_smile: