Contact required

can anyone help please ?

I have contacted Dream host regarding an urgent matter over the last 48 hours however have not received any response.

This is an urgent matter regarding a website they are hosting which contains defamation etc

I have also called them and left a message on an answer machine again no reply… My lawyer has itchy fingers any advice as to how to get them to actually answer you ?

Or is there anyone on here I can PM regarding abuse of hosting ???

I’m not sure that you are contacting the correct entity. Dreamhost doesn’t have any control of what content its customers choose to put on their sites. You say is defamatory, but does it specifically violate Dreamhost’s Terms of Service?

You might also want to note paragraph 5 of Dreamhosts Terms of Service:

While you see the situation one way, someone else see’s it another. Dreamhost can’t take sides, or decide which side is “correct”. Dreamhost will always act first in it’s own best interest, second in its customers’ best interest, and lastly everyone elses. If it doesn’t violate Dreamhost’s Terms of Service, then you will need to get a court to order for dreamhost to act.

Yes it does violate those terms… One would expect a reply from such a large organisarion
It does indeed break the terms…

Very rude not to reply ?

It’s really pretty hard to violate the terms of service with “content” when one of the terms is that the host “will exercise no control whatsoever over the content”.

Court order I say will fix that… My point is their lack of contact is shocking

That is in fact EXACTLY what dreamhost wants you to do, “obtain a court order”. Dreamhost itself won’t act as the court, which is essentially what you are attempting to ask it to do (i.e make a judgement FOR or AGAINST one of its own customers).

I don’t find anything shocking in this thread at all. You’re behaving exactly as I would expect you to, and so is dreamhost.

The point that you’re not getting is dreamhost won’t talk to a 3rd party, and you are a 3rd party.

Ah I guess my psychic abilities are not that developed yet… I should have known that how dum of me not to know

Well, you’re not a lawyer. It’s your lawyer that should be trying to contact them.