Contact number

I am fed up with the service that I am recieving at this host.

I was wondering if there is a contact number that I can phone dreamhost at to talk to them personally.

No. A search of the forum will reveal this answer in more deail.


Yeah, it sucks. Don’t do the upgrade either for callback support, they don’t call.


To be fair they do call back. It just takes a VERY long time sometimes. I’ve been right there with you in terms of frustration, and I have to remind myself that if I NEED immediate responses and hand-holding, I should probably be willing to PAY MORE at another web host for that kind of service and response.

The problem is, that even where you PAY MORE elsewhere, you don’t necessarily get the level of assistance that you’d like. I have another account with another Web Host that charges 3X what dreamhost does, and while I can call them for support, half the time the “help” I get is useless or misguided at best.

I think what is lacking here (at DreamHost) is a more reasonable indication of where your request is in the “support queue”… at least so you know you are getting closer to an answer… eventually.

As I’ve said before, the low costs and great features are FANTSTIC when things are going well, but it is easy to get stressed out when something important needs to be changed, and it takes 24-48 hours to get a response. Not sure if there is a solution. Just try and keep it in perspective… and if you really NEED more responsive tech support be prepared to look elsewhere.

At the same time, be prepared to pay more AND encounter a raft of other issues that you might not have considered before leaving DreamHost.

Personally, I’d be willing to pay a bit MORE at DreamHost to be able to pick up the phone and ask a quick question in the rare situations where that is necessary. Not sure if that is something they would ever consider.



It would be interesting to see if people would be willing to pay extra for a 24/7 contact number. You’d probably have to up the cost of hosting by an extra $20 per year to cover it.

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If it were an additional $20/year per hosting plan I’d do it in a heartbeat. I’ve got 2 CodeMonster Plans so even $40/year to cover both plans would be reasonable.

Quick resolution of problems (or access to answers not on the forum or Kbase) is the only major drawback I see with the DH setup. Otherwise, they do an awful lot right for the money.

I think there would be a challenge implementing this though, as it would possibly give the impression that if you don’t pay extra, you won’t get any “love” from the tech support people at DH. Might cause resentment in those that don’t pay the premium, and could cause damage to morale as a whole.

At least now we are all being “neglected equally” (he said somewhat tongue-in-cheek) :slight_smile:



It all starts adding up. If you have two or three shared hosting plans and then you pay for a phone number to the data-center, doesn’t it just make more sense to go with a dedicated server?

When you have a dedicated plan you get a number to call if something critical is down. e.g. your server.

Another thing would be the second their is a premium support plan users looking at DreamHost would complain that it should be included.

Just like how some people think that DreamCatcher Pro should really be standard, at least have Nagios included in the DreamCatcher Basic.

There are hosts that are competive on price, and get back to you with real answers within 15 minutes… (my experience has been closer to 5 minutes).

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I had a site outage issue several months back and submitted a callback request.

I got my call in about 90 minutes and got everything fixed very quickly.