Contact form

I’d like to allow visitors to my site to contact me through a form rather than an email address.

I can’t find any plug-and-play forms on the dreamhost site.

Am I missing something? Does anyone have an recommendations for 3rd party forms - ajax, php, etc…?

Gabe Friedman

Here’s something that rlparker clued me into in a post from last month.

Free unique IP and $67 off with code [color=#CC0000]LMIP67[/color] or use [color=#CC0000]LM97[/color] for $97 off. Click for more promo code discounts

perfect, thanks for the link. Pretty hard to find from the dreamhost webpanel!

Gabe Friedman

This works great too (if you have an extra $40 burning a hole in your pocket)

Does capcha too. Works slick with dreamhost.