Contact Form Problems. Help!


I am making a small site just for experience purposes, and am struggling to get a contact form working. The site is hosted on Dreamhost, the domain is on Hover and I am trying to send the email from my Wordpress site with my gmail email address. I am currently using contact form 7, which which is known to have problems on Dreamhost but whenever I search of other forms to use, it always comes back to CF7.

I have been researching this for days, and every solution for this problem hasn’t worked. I am currently (unsuccessfully) configuring an SMTP plugin, which is what I am seeing everywhere on the internet, but configuration I have tried with it has failed. I keep getting a “The following recipients failed” error in the debut output of WP SMTP. Any help would be appreciated at this point.


the SMTP plugin is going to be your best bet if you can get it working. Do you have a gmail account? if so, try using your gmail account as the SMTP server. I think the settings are something like:
SMTP Security: SSL
PORT: 465
SMTP Authentication: Yes

then your username and password to your gmail account.
If that works, it will get you started and you can cross a few things off your list as now working

Okay, so I got the test to work with that configuration. Now should CF7 work now, or is there more setup that I need to do?

send an email to yourself from the contact form and see if it works

Ah yes, okay it does. :slight_smile: thanks for your help, I thought I tried to to that earlier but I guess I never did! It’s so nice to finally move on to the next part of my site.